Love Day

Last week we threw together a little Valentine’s party with my friend Angela and her kids.  We both homeschool and we always try to make sure that we celebrate holidays and do “class parties” so our kids don’t miss out on the fun and childhood memories.

I had a few activities and craft stuff put out for the girls.

Valentines 11

Valentines 7

Most of the activities I found on Pinterest:

Heart sort and graphing

Valentine’s Word Search

Valentine’s I Spy

Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe (We used Hershey Kisses for the game pieces.)

They had a lot of fun.  I had bags for them to decorate and put what they didn’t get to finish, along with some bubbles and stamps into.

They got a little distracted because it started to snow big pretty flakes while they were sitting at the table.

valentines party.png

For the food the kids made fruit kabobs with melted chocolate and then they made their own heart shaped pizzas.

Valentines 3

Valentines 2

They also decorated their own cupcakes.

Valentines 9.JPG

It really was so much fun.

Can’t wait for our next little party/playdate.  It’s always a little crazy with 8 kids running around but they have crazy fun.

(Thanks Angie for sending me some pictures!)


***On actual Valentine’s Day, Josh made sure all of his girls woke up to roses – pink for the little 3, purple for me. And chocolate – heart shaped chocolate donuts for them, chocolate covered strawberries for me.  He’s good to us! ***