Pillow Talk

Breeley has a loose tooth.  She has been anxiously awaiting this for years.  I have not.  I hate teeth!  Loose teeth are my nightmare.  I don’t want to see them or talk about them.  Just so you know, if you post a picture of your child with a gap in their gums talking about babies teeth coming in or school age kids loosing them, I scroll past that as quick as possible.  I know that lots of people think kids with a toothless grin are so cute, but not me.  It’s just not my thing.

Anyway…. My way of trying to be encouraging and show my excitement about this is to read tooth fairy books and to help my girls make their own tooth fairy pillow.  Once they have their first loose tooth we head to the fabric store where they can pick out their fabric and ribbon.  Yesterday was Breeley’s day.  She, of course, wanted sparkly. And blue. And pink. And purple. And polka dots…. It took her awhile, but finally we had what she needed and she proudly walked up to the counter and asked the lady to cut her fabric for her.  She was giggling the whole time.

Materials she picked

  • 1/4 yard pillow fabric (purple)
  • 1/4 yard pocket fabric (blue)
  • fiberfill
  • ribbon
  • thread (we had 2 pinks. One for embroidery and one for stitching)

pillow matterials

Breeley helped me with sewing so we did this as simply as possible.

Breeley sewing

pillow directions

1 – cut pillow material to 11×19 inches

2- fold over edges

3 – on one edge pin 2 centered ribbons. Ours are 24inches long.  Sew your edges.

4- my sewing machine does small embroidery jobs, so we put the pocket material on the hoop and embroidered her name.

5- cut pocket material. Ours was 10×7 inches.

6 – fold in half and sew 2 of the edges. Leave one side open to pull right side out.

7- Fold in unfinished edge.  Pin centered onto front side of pillow material. Sew 3 sides to create your pocket.

8 – Fold your material in half and sew both sides.

9 – Pull material right side out and add your stuffing.

10 – Finish by sewing your top opening.

And now you have your pillow ready for a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

tooth fairy pillow

Now all she has to do is lose her tooth.  I may super glue it in.

Good thing we made that pillow! She pulled her tooth the next day.  In her excitement she lost it in the playroom and Alyse had to find it.

This is what the Tooth Fairy brought her:
 Today she isn’t so sure about this missing tooth.  She keeps staring at herself in the mirror.  But she does like that sparkly money.