Making Pie For Dinner

When the weather starts to get cold I like to make yummy things in my kitchen.  One of the recipes that I have used the most this winter is a new recipe for Chicken Pot Pie.  It’s the perfect recipe for a cold night.

chicken pot pie 2

This recipe has become a staple in our house.  I usually throw the chicken in the crock pot and let it cook during the day and then about 45mins before dinner time I throw the rest together, pop it in the oven, and it’s ready to go.  Simple and something I know the whole family will eat.

chicken pot pie recipe


When making this recipe I have used both handmade, fresh pie dough and I’ve also used frozen (Pillsbury) pie dough.  They both turn out well.  Here is my Mom’s recipe for pie dough.

pie crust recipe

Let me know if you make yourself some pie for dinner.