The Icing On The Cake

A number of years ago I started using this Buttercream Icing recipe.


As you can see, it’s used a lot.  I use it on cakes and cookies and sometimes other random things.  It’s my go to.

Alyse asked for a chocolate cake with Oreos and horses.

I was running really short on time, so I cheated a little and used 2 chocolate cake mixes.  One was a 12inch round cake and the other was 10inch.

After those were cool I got to work making the icing.

I divided the icing into 3 bowls.  I left one white and then used food coloring to make a bowl of pink icing and a bowl of light green to match the decorations.

I cut each cake to make it 2 layers and to add the Oreo filling.

Breeley was happy to help me crunch up the Oreos and spread the icing.

Soon the cake was put back together and iced.  I used the left over white icing to add some polka dots to match the decorations and add on the trim.  My recipe was just enough.  I kinda felt like adding the last bit of trim was a miracle because I really thought I was going to run out, but I made it work!  I got the sparkly 9 at Hobby Lobby and borrowed 3 of Alyse’s Bryer Stablemates.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’m not a professional, but I try my best.


Here’s the Buttercream Icing recipe.  Let me know if you use it!  It’s really so so good!