An American Girl Birthday

Last weekend Breeley turned 6! 

The 6th birthday at our house is when the girls get an American Girl doll. (Something my girls have to have because I never got to have one so I will make sure my girls get one! My parents didn’t love me. ?)

Breeley had already decided, by looking at the store before and in the catalog beforehand, that she wanted Mary Ellen. So she was set to go!  

She woke up to balloons (tradition at our house) and donuts. She actually didn’t have a lot of time because we also had the girls dance pictures that morning (which explains why they both have on a ton of makeup!). So after we finished up her photo shoot she changed into her new dress she had picked out and we went for shopping and lunch at the bistro. 

After lunch we took Alyse to her pictures and then headed home for another birthday celebration with family. 

Breeley had requested a party with her new doll and lots of flowers. (Actually she had like 10 decor ideas – Frozen, Descendants, Makeup/Fashion show… I had to tell her we were sticking just with American Girl.) 

I had picked up some little party favors at Micheal’s for the dolls so I decided that would be our colors. When at Target I found some more party supplies in the same colors so I kinda mixed and matched from the dollar section, the party section, and house decor. 

(I still haven’t taken the battery operated garden lights down yet.)

On Friday’s Uptown on the corner of Trade and Tryon they have a flower vendor. I asked Josh to go get me a bunch of flowers to decorate with and to put on her cake. 

The candelabra and sparkle candles are also from Target. 

I brought a small table down from the play room and made a little table for the dolls. The guest were Alyse’s Caroline and Samantha dolls, Cammie’s Bitty Baby and Layla (Breeley’s Next Generation doll from Target.) I also made a little cake just for their table. 

Breeley loved her party! 

Watch her celebration on our YouTube channel 

Saddled Up To Celebrate


Alyse Nicole is now nine years old.  (9! I am kinda hurting that this is her last year in single digits.)

Her birthday was Monday and we celebrated her birthday and her love for horses.

We don’t really throw birthday parties for our girls.  We do celebrate, decorate, and have a lot of fun, but it is usually just our family.  We often go on a trip, but this year Alyse started riding lessons for her birthday.  She loves horses and this was a dream come true for her.  More on all that later.

When the girls wake up in the morning there is always balloons all over their room and then they come down to the kitchen all decorated in whatever theme they pick.  Of course, Alyse picked horses.

Birthday table

A lot of the styles I saw were very “cowboy/western”.  I didn’t really want that.  So I was really happy when I found this set of supplies from Birthday Direct.

Birthday 2.jpg

Other supplies were from Oriental Trading Company (the large horses on the wall) and Hobby Lobby (additional paper supplies and tissue paper pom poms).

Alyse loved it all.  Her favorite was the horse on the table.  Josh and I found it at an antique store.  It is an older American Girl horse that we paid $30 for.

She also loved her balloons.

The cake is always a big deal to her. (More on that in another upcoming post.)


She had requested a donut date with Daddy for her breakfast.  After that we headed to the mall to visit some of her favorite stores and Chey’s for lunch.


Soon it was time to head to the stables.

Josh and I had called a number of places and I was getting nervous because all she really wanted was to ride a horse on her birthday.  Finally the day before we found an opening  on her birthday!  She could hardly contain her excitement.

When she finally met Grey she was ready to get to work and get to riding.  She learned all about how to care and prepare for her horse.  She was full of questions and comments.

  She was totally in her happy place.

I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time.  As we were walking back to the car she kept hugging Josh and I and telling us thank you over and over.  It really was a very happy birthday.