Welcome to “Think About These Things”!

I chose the title “Think About These Things” because I have always loved the verse Philippians 4:8. (I’m sure you have heard it before…) “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about these things.”

Now, I’m not saying that everything in life is always lovely, but that is where I want to put my focus.  Trust me, there are days that aren’t perfect around here, but I also know that I will bring praise in every season. (Cue “Dessert Song” by Hillsong United.  One of my very favorite songs ever!)

My season of life right now is actually what I have always dreamed about.  I am a wife and mommy.  I homeschool.  I am very active at my church.  I love all things vintage.  I love to decorate, bake, travel, and spend time with my friends.  I like books and beauty products. I am working on myself physically and spiritually. Basically I am living MY dream.

Let me introduce our family to you.

My name is Stephanie. I am married to Josh.  He is my one and only.  Really, he is.  We met when we were 15yrs old and are high school sweethearts.  After 6 years of dating we were married and soon moved to Charlotte, NC.  Josh is a police detective and support staff at our church, Elevation.  I am a stay at home and homeschool mom.Gaylord

We have 3 girls – Alyse, Breeley, and Cammie.  Our ABCs. (Yes, I planned that.)

VanAlmen (9)

Alyse is almost 9 and in 3rd grade.  She is a rule follower and my most sensitive girl.  She loves to read and is all about horses.

Breeley is 5 and a Kindergartener.  She loves all things fashion and make-up.  She is loud and loves to laugh.

Cammie is our baby.  She is 2yrs old.  She is a little princess.  Right now her favorite things are coloring, cuddling, and copying her sisters.

We live in a white house with a big porch out in the country with our dog, Ellie.

Thanks for visiting!