Fresh Flower Cake 

When Breeley and I discussed her birthday we decided we wanted lots and lots of flowers. So when I was planning her cake I decided I wanted to put fresh flowers on her cake. I just think it looks so pretty.

Of course I knew you couldn’t just stick flowers in a cake so I started researching what was the best way to put them on and if there were any flowers that would be poisonous or something. I honestly wasn’t finding any great “how tos” so I kinda just got creative. 

I sent Josh to a vendor Uptown (which is kinda like a little farmers market.) I thought they would have the best price and would possibly be more “clean”. (At least in my head they were…)

I looked at the flowers and checked to make sure they were safe. And they all seemed to be. 

She requested her cake be vanilla cake with chocolate chip filling. 

Because no one wants flower leaves or dirt with their chocolate chip cake, I decided to protect the cake a little by putting some parchment paper down. I put the paper under the cake pan I used and traced a circle. Then I cut out a small section in the middle (to put the candelabra and stems into). 

Then I covered the paper with more icing. 

Right before the party started I added the flowers. But again, I wanted to protect the cake as much as possible from dirt or flower pieces. The best way I could think to do that was straws and tape. (I’m sure this is just how the professionals do it!)

I cut some IKEA straws into 4 pieces each. Then put tape around the ends. I trimmed the flowers down and covered the stems with the straws. 

Finally I arranged the candelabra and flowed into the cake. 

I think it turned out really well. 

I did have a small moment of panic that the candles would light the flowers on fire, but all was good! No fire! And the cake was flower pedal, leaf, and dirt free. 


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