The Rooms Are Filled With Precious and Pleasant Riches


Prov 24

I love our house.  We have lived in it for about 2yrs now.  This is the house that we saved and prayed for.  It is a white “farmhouse” (no farm, no animals – even though the girls would love that!) with a wrap around porch out in the country.  Now, it may not be your dream home, but it is ours.

When we were building, I told our builder that I wanted our house to feel like it was built 100yrs ago.  I love vintage/antique things.  Since we moved in I have been slowly buying more and more vintage things and love decorating with them.  I really want our house to be full of things we love – precious and pleasant riches.

Here is one of my favorite corners of our house:

family room


This is in our Family Room.

The window is from a little vintage shop not far from our house.  (I had to fight Josh for that window.  He didn’t get why I wanted to put an old window on the wall, but he has learned to go with it and not fight my decorating plans.)  I made the wreath on the window and also the burlap wreath above the fireplace.  The fireplace is an example of Josh doing whatever he can to help make my dreams come true.  When we were building, our builder told us that because of our porch we could not put a fireplace on any wall in our family room because of fire codes.  I was devastated.  But Josh did some research and found these fireplaces.  They use real flame/smokeless gel burners.  So, no we don’t get a huge roaring fire, but we do have real flames and they look pretty.  He also did all the moldings himself after we moved in. On the mantle is a beautiful framed verse that I got as a gift from a friend and a portrait of my girls taken and given to me by my friend Angela.  The other things are all Hobby Lobby finds – I like Hobby Lobby.  A lot.

The chairs were “stolen” by Josh.  They were in his mom’s garage for he thinks around 20yrs.  About 9-10yrs ago he took them and they moved to our garage.  For years we have wanted to use them, but I kept wanting to get them re-covered.  Finally, a few months ago, we decided not to waste them anymore.  Josh brought them in, I cleaned and cleaned them, and now they are bringing a nice touch to our family room.

To the right is my “verse wall”.  (I will go more into detail about that another time…)